Promising Items

We are known to be the only company with a Promising Item Discovery. Which makes us special but in what way.

Here we look at how we arrive at this promising items list. Do sit back and enjoy.

What is a promising item?

It is an item that has the market attractiveness and the tendency to be in high demand in the near future.

How do we come up with this list?

First we take time to do a thorough background analysis of that particular industry after which we try to find out the current consumer trends in that industry.

The consumer trend analysis and keywords are obtained through thorough analysis of the following primary sources: major e-commerce platforms data, trend reports, and exhibitions, and national statistical data.

  • Consumer trend keywords are predicted for the next 3~5 years


This gives us an idea what people might be interested in the near future by mapping promising items per consumer trend keyword that we found out.

In the end we have a list of items that fit the list after which our team of experts choose the top list based on further research and their personal experience.

This is just a short description of how we go about discovering Promising Items

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